Have you signed my table?


We purchased our dining room furniture in the early 90’s.  About that time, I also read a Reader’s Digest article about someone famous who had his dinner guests sign the dining room table.  The idea struck a chord and a tradition was born. 

Have you been to our house for dinner?  Then you have crawled under our table with a sharpie in one hand, and a flashlight in the other.  Or, if you were unable, we flipped a chair over and asked you to sign the underside of that. 

Last weekend, we had Jackie and Kevin over, along with Kevin’s parents, Chris and Tammy.  They were quite amused, but graciously complied with our request to crawl under the table and sign. Rest assured, this happens only once…you are off the hook after that first dinner. 

Chris-dusting my floor:


A sampling of the underside….Peoples who are no longer here on earth, good friends from across the country, our children’s friends….even our children signed the table when they turned 18. 


Our table is a history of our life, and its fun to grab a flashlight and go hang out under there once in a while and REMEMBER. 

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  1. I keep meaning to tell you that Ryan and I are starting this tradition! We forgot to do it last year when we had orphaned Marines over for Thanksgiving, but I will remember to do it this year!

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