Frosty morning….


Yesterday morning I saw a friend who has been through so much. She had serious medical complications after surgery, developed sepsis, underwent 8 more surgeries and spent months in the intensive care unit. Her recovery is a miracle.

What sustained my friend as she was going through this?  Her Faith, the love of her family and friends, and the hope of getting back to her normal—getting back to work, her hobby of quilting, and the ability to do everyday stuff like dishes, laundry, etc etc…Yes, all that stuff I hardly acknowledge as I go through the days.   She was also counting her blessings…so many all through this ordeal.  She found the rainbow despite the rain.   I’ll be thinking of her and her inspiring story for a long time. 

But, jumping to another topic.  Lately, I’ve been watching the pups, Marlo.   She is getting older(she’s 12), and slowing down.  I haven’t been able to walk her for the past couple weeks because she limps after walking on the asphalt.  I give her a break for a week, she seems better, but then the same thing happens.  Poor girl, she LOVES her walks. 


As a consolation the M also loves to roam the back yard and happily SNIFF…..


I myself roamed and happily clicked….here is some of what I found:






In this post I’ve touched on my friend’s second chance at life, Marlo’s approaching end season of life, and now new life!  Because we, as a family,  are waiting, hoping, and praying.  In less than eight weeks, we will welcome a  GRANDDAUGHTER!  Be still my heart…a precious little Granddaughter!  God bless her and see her safely into this world.  

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  1. Among your gifts is always finding beauty around you. Congratulations on the Granddaughter! What a lucky girl to become part of this family!

  2. What a beautiful post! How wonderful that your friend has been restored, that Marlo is your pup, and you are welcoming a precious new member of your family! All kisses on the cheek from God!

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