Five years…..


(Revised in the afternoon…I have more (and, at times, less) to say….)

Five Years!  That’s how long I have been blobbity-blobbing here on the blob.  My first post was actually on September 8, 2007, so its actually been 5 years, two months.  I have posted 788 times, that averages 3.01 posts per week…I’m pretty happy with that number.  And I’m pretty amazed that I’ve kept it up this long. 

This blog has served as a  journal of my life and the people in it, which looking back, are some of my most cherished posts.  It has helped me stay connected to friends and family, and make new friends too.  Secondly, I’ve learned that life is better with a camera….photography, the search for the perfect photo opportunity, and the enjoyment of learning and becoming more competent.  And lastly,  it has helped me make art, especially finished pieces of art.  Just the idea of being able to post a photo is motivation that helps me do my best and finish rather than either a). never start, or b) put the unfinished pieced in a drawer or the garbage.  Even if no one read this blog, I would still be motivated in this way.  But dear reader-friends, you’re encouraging, heartening, and light-hearted…and I appreciate you dropping by to see what new artwork I’ve made, what’s on my mind, and what I’ve been doing..  You are each a blessing!   And my hope is that I can  also bless you with my words and photos in some way. 

I thought it would be fun to go through my old posts and remember.  These photos are from 2007 thru 2008. 

So glad I have this photo of the old beech tree that is no longer in our back yard…and unexpected gust of wind toppled it over.  I take many photos just because I have to feed the blob:


This was a fun project with Gail and Nan and the other Baguettes (these are felted scarves we made).  We all look just a wink younger too. 


Jeff’s awesome storm photo from North Captiva,  Florida.  This was such an opportune moment. 

And sweet times with Lisa and Patrice…my sisters….(I’m adopted).  

Unforgettable photos of our furry family members, looking a bit younger too:

And now I can put my finger on the exact time I started my love affair with mosaic, April 2008.  This is the very first ever mosaic, completed in Chicago with Kat and her sister Connie.  I am forever grateful to them. 

This was the last year she took her annual birthday jet ski ride:

Here is WHO made 2008 the most memorable year…..a year of waiting, with a wonderful reward. 


In my blog, I have documented just about every piece of art I’ve made.  That was my original intent for this blog, Life in Stitches…to document my stitches, the embroidery and quilting I so love.  But little did I know that mosaics would compete with the stitching, as would life happenings, with a little gardening interjected too.  .  Maybe I should change the name of this place to “Life in Stitches and Shards and Bits and Pieces:….but I’m not quite liking the negative vibe of that!  But I am happy with the general direction,  and the philosophy, that a life itself is a work of art…each and every one of ours. 

And here are a few of my favorite pieces made during ‘08….



Thanks for going down memory lane with me.  Next up is 2009….


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  1. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years! And here’s to many many more! Reading your blob makes me feel a bit closer to home.

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