I’m missin’ y’all….


Coming up for a breath….

I’ve been making these, held captive in my workroom:


This year, I am not producing as many.  Also each one is more labor intensive as I needle felt the wool before cutting out the petals.    But I think they are more interesting, and different from last year’s poinsettias.  They are smaller too, about 2.5 inches in diameter.

Note my quite messy, and unedited,  but very workable setup on the old hoosier:


Also note at the front center of my desk the magnifying glass I wear around my neck!   So uncool. but it works wonderfully by balancing on my chest just below the collarbone.  It is a handydandy thing, for these eyes, and I am not proud!  I no longer have to slouch and look above my glasses with my work about 6 inches from my face.  So in case you are interested in one for yourself,   I got it at JoAnn’s a few years ago but never really used it until now.  I notice they no longer carry my exact one, but sell a similar one that has LED lights and I note a multitude of styles are available at other retail stores. 

These brooches are something that I might complain about making, but really I quite enjoy the process.  I will also make some of my zipper pins and a few leather ones also….’tis the season!  TTYS….

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  1. Your pins are so lovely. Fun to see process. You are a patient woman…but I knew that already!

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