U.P. October


We recently went up to close up the cottage….and our timing was perfect!

Jeff took this photo at a rest area in the northern lower:


The first morning was very misty and gloomy…and wet, very Octoberish:




A desperate little spider’s web:


That hoof was about 5 inches long:


I relished the thought that it may be a moose, but its probably just a big buck.

There was also some sort of cat on the beach:


There I am, finding a few perfect mosaic rocks…


I see a bunch right here, my eyes were bigger than my ability to haul! 


If you know our beach, you know where this spot is:


I could use a little of this wildflower’s determination:


October waves on Lake Michigan, and beyond the reef they were mighty scary looking. 


I have more photos of U.P. color and sights to post, next up. 

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  1. Wow…you captured that end of the season feeling. So beautiful, but so sad…but a time to rest and renew. Dem dere hooves are a bit scary! Big enough for a web in the toe…now that’s a big hoof.

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