Little Man….


What a wonderful day yesterday.  Mr. C was over for a good part of the day.   He is delightful. 

We went to see Hotel Transylvania.  He was mesmerized the whole time.  At the end his words were, “Grandma, I LOVED it!”, saying it in his way that you know just how much he means it.  Then we went home and watched the movie’s trailors online and talked about our favorite parts.  He really comprehends so much, and has such a sweet and thoughtful outlook….and an imagination that grows each time I see him! 

Afterwards, we did many things around the house….he just delights in the doing the littlest thing, as long as I am doing it with him (my pleasure).  We emptied all my window boxes, looked at colorful leaves, read books, watched funny animal videos on youtube…one of his favorite things to do is play with sidewalk chalk.  We made sidewalk pizzas:


Each flower and leave was a different kind of topping…you could not even imagine what he thought of!. 

Just a few photos:



Showing Gramps all the characters from the movie:




He takes great delight in driving the Massey



Red heartRed heartRed heart

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  1. Sidewalk pizzas!!! I am going to have to remember that one!
    It sounds like you had the most scrumtrulescent day, so glad for you!
    He is precious.

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