Mosaic Sunrise and a skull….



I kind of like this little mosaic.  Its set on a flat limestone rock, found on the beach in the U.P.,  that’s nicely stained with the iron water from the Bersaw Creek.   The rusty patina glowed, and  what else could I do but give it a Lake Michigan sunrise. 


Mosaicing on rocks is a challenge because of the uneven surface.  Its best to grind down the sharp shards, before they get ya’.  Something I learned from experience on this one.  But now I have a new purpose when taking walks on the beach…one that will build my muscles too!

Also over the weekend, I finished this guy:


I used every last bit of millefiori that I owned on him. Jeff gave me a nice selection of brass wire shapes (forehead, nose and mouth).  I don’t think he imagined I would combine them in this way.  And not something I would expect from me either, but here he is…..Mr. Happy


He will hang on my back door, so he can scare everyone away during the month of October. Ha! 

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