Art Prize 2012


We visited Grand Rapids, Michigan over the weekend to view and vote in Art Prize.  This competition has 1517 entries in 161 different locations all through the city.  WOW!  The art was awesome and colossal, or “COLAWESAL”. 

My friend Kat is one of the artists!  Here is her piece, Hawaiian Chicken:


Beautiful.  Everyone thought it a painting until they examined it closely and saw the intricate stitching and collaged fabrics.  If you get there soon, cast a vote for Kat’s Hawaiian Chicken.  Congratulations Kat for participating in Art Prize!

Here are a few of my other favorite entries:

More beautiful art quilts.  These by Ann Loveless, Seasons:


Stick-to-it-ive-ness, by Richard Morse:


Threads of Grace, by Mary Steenwyk:


Running Dogs, by Kent Ambler:


RIC RAC inspired by Nick Cave, by Pat Smith (my friend Patrice’s mother!)


And here is a piece of art that was mounted on an outside wall of the Grand Rapids Public Museum. It took my breath away….

A MOSAIC that is 8 feet tall by 14 feet wide.

Return to Eden, by Sandra Bryant:


Detail photos:






I found such wondrous things this weekend.  The results of man’s will, imagination and determination were astounding to me.  The work, commitment and investment so many put into participating in this event is almost unfathomable.  I am grateful for being able to witness, first hand, these images of man’s creative soul. 

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  2. I don’t suppose that this will all still be hanging when I come huh? I’d love to see it live and in person!

  3. Thanks for the photos. So amazing! It sure was a lot to absorb. So wondrous! That mosaic is incredible. And so proud of Kat.

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