Fall is for planting!  And two of my kids needed new foundation plantings in their front yards.  I helped them plan and hunt for plant bargains, that is the fun part…the grading, digging, edging, building and planting is the not so fun but oh so rewarding part. Thankfully, these plantings were family projects, many hands make light work. We had limited budgets, which translates to small plants…not instant gratification but much better than 50 year old shrubbery.

Here is Jackie’s new landscaping.  We planted grass seed which is looking much greener already.  The ancient awnings are gone, what a difference.   She decided to keep the front porch awning until something more permanent can be constructed.


Her plants include a snowball viburnum, hollies, arborvitae, hydrangea, purple sedum, blue spruce on a standard and a white groundcover rose that will eventually grow over the rock wall.  The rock wall is new, thanks to Derek….our new rock wall master craftsman.  Every family needs at least one.

Since Jackie is a very busy nurse, Patrice and I spent a couple days helping her out.  We hung her art, raided our basements and closets for more goodies, shopped a little, and rearranged the finishing touches in her house.  Patrice is especially gifted in this arena, she’s really amazing!

Jackie gave me permission to share a few more photos with you….

Darling little breakfast nook, my favorite spot in her house:


Retro kitchen:



Sweet living room…and dining room….


Back porch…


Lots of work went into this little house since May: painting, new plumbing, new kitchen floor….hopefully it feels like her home now.

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  1. Can’t wait to see it live and in person! I’m thinking those two front windows really need window box planters…

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