Meet Tucker….


While up north, we always spend some time with the  dogs and cats who have found themselves temporary homes at the Eva Burrell Animal Shelter in Manistique, MI.  We have a special fondness for that place and the people who care for the animals.  So much so, that over the years our family and close friends have adopted TEN new “best friends” from our U.P. shelter….Marlo and Bibbs included.

Jackie has settled nicely into her new home, and was ready adopt a pet.  She arrived up north with cat food and toys, a litter box and crate.  She had her eye on a couple of older cats at the shelter.  But, fate had other plans for her.  She fell in love Tucker…he’s a little over a year old.  Housebroken, polite(well, most of the time), but always sweet.



He fit in well with our pack of “cousin” dogs at the cottage.  Marlo actually played with him……for about 30 seconds, that is quite the honor!

The only critter that didn’t take to him immediately was Missy Bibby…


But he learned quickly that she is the boss.

Welcome to the family, Tucker!   You’ve stolen our hearts.

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  1. Lucky Tucker and lucky you guys….no house training….it’s been a challenge for me and my new little pup!

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