Most popular post….


When I wrote the post about mountain lions in Michigan, I had not an inkling it would be the most popular post EVER on my blog….I get many, many hits every single day from searches on this topic, and also comments from peoples testifying about sightings here in lower Michigan. 

After reading all the comments, I am a believer, that yes indeed mountain lions do live here. 

I will continue to leave the comments enabled, as I love hearing from people all over Michigan.  But this one, that follows,  I will not publish with the others.  Nonetheless, you will enjoy it:

I saw a bunch of cougars at the Holiday Inn “Shimmers” in Traverse city Michigan. This is right on the Bay so I can only imagine that these cougars are not only here for the alcohol but also the bay views and of course the single men and music. these cougars are not real dangerous but the will take you home if you let them and will usually let you go in the morning. They are mostly on the prowl friday and sat. nights between 8pm and 2 am

Hahahaha… aleck. 

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