Fiber Art Exhibit


On Friday evening I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Voices, a fiber art exhibit showcasing nine talented Michigan artists at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center.  The show was a perfect representation of just how diversified in approach and delivery fiber art quilts can be.  A true and honest medium for personal expression.  The artist’s showcased are professionals who have been practicing at this medium long enough to have found their own unique Voice. 

Visit the website, Voices,   for complete info on location date and times,  artist information and a gallery.  Below I’m sharing some of the photos I snapped , just as teasers: 













The website is beautifully done, please visit for more information on individual pieces and artists.  I have several friends among the nine featured….Kathie Briggs, Lynn Krawczyk, Joan Potter Thomas, and Anne Heimstra.  I congratulate them for their practiced VOICE, finely articulated thoughts, and focused work required to deliver these beautiful artworks for all of us to enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of the exhibit, especially the one of Riley! So glad you could be there with me.

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