I so appreciate each and every comment on yesterday’s UC post.  It was a personal and difficult post to write, but after 5 years of blogging I wanted to address this aspect of my story for the first time.  You all made me feel not only justified in writing it, but also uplifted me because no matter how hard one tries to shrug off bad news, a little encouragement from friends means so much.  Love you all! 

This weekend holds much promise, as I am seeing my friend Kathie for the first time in TWO years!  She is visiting, we are going to an art opening that features Kathie’s and several of my other friends’ art quilts.  I will definitely take the camera….

And here are some photos from last weekend…

Going for a ride on the Massey. 


Two of the bestest, guys on earth:


Late in the afternoon we went fishing on the Detroit River…Mr C is showing how big of a fish he wants to catch:


This is the nice small-mouth bass he caught…there was much excitement:


A new generation of fishermen is born……


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  1. A day late for the UC post but hope the meds are working and you’re feeling more better soon.
    The tractor and fishing pics are great.

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