More celebrating….and experiments



On Wednesday, I had my Baguettes over to help me celebrate my birthday, and Capri P stopped in too….IMG_5480

I had several nice birthday celebrations, I am one very fortunate girl to have so many people helping remind me that I’m another year young!

This week, I continued the play and experiments with fabric and thread…let me show you my results…no judging here, these are just building my experience base:

First, our monthly challenge theme with Running with Scissors was “TEETH”.  Right.  Hmmmm…

zipper teeth came to my mind:


Then, we were challenged by Kat to do a drawing and/or collage inspired by Klimt:


I also acquired a new book, Layered Textiles:  New surfaces with heat tools, machine and hand stitch – Kim Thittichai

I’ve been experimenting with some of the techniques in that book:

This one started with felt, painted wonder under fusible web, and layered synthetic velvets that were then stitched together and then burnt right through with a soldering iron. 


Here is a second sample, using similar techniques:


Also in the book was a project to make “chenille” out of layers of newspapers and fabrics.

Kat came over today and we kept busy all day with the above soldering iron samples(guess the 95 degrees wasn’t hot enough, needed more heat!), and then with newspaper chenille.  First chore of the day was painting newspapers:


We then stacked SIXTEEN layers of these papers, maps and fabrics together and stitched long channels:


It pays to read directions before actually doing the project, we would have known to use only about 8 layers.  We had a just a little trouble slicing the rows, I have a blister to prove it:


But, the end result was “interesting”…..


Please don’t ask what I’m going to do with this…its all about the process, not the finished product.  Some people play golf, I choose to conduct fiber manipulating experiments.   

5 responses »

  1. ” I choose to conduct fiber manipulating experiments.” LOL!
    The cake looks SCRUMTRULESCENT!!!!
    Loved your teeth project.
    Happy bday, again!

  2. Wow! You have been doing very cool stuff. I love the newspaper chenille, I’m sure there’s a use for it. And I love the photo of you cutting the paper.

  3. I love your playing. I think the chenille could make a wonderful something. It’s really cool. And I love your teeth piece and your birthday cake! Hope you continue to celebrate forever.

  4. Wow — I was just getting caught up on your blog posts…I LOVE the projects. The painted newspaper chenille is SO beautiful. And I really REALLY love the black and white fern prints.

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