June visit to The Lake


Jeff and I took another long weekend up norf’….

I busied myself with a few chores, like transplanting wild flowers from the beach into the area in front of the deck.  We shall see how successful these transplants are:  milkweed, tansy, wild rose and a very cool wild succulent.  I gave them a blessing….but I’m not too confident, they need lots of water and a little miracle: 


This iris was growing all by its lonesome in a dry area of the beach, I was tempted to circle it with rocks, enshrine it:


The wild columbine were blooming profusely, everywhere:


As were the forget-me-nots:


The weather was so nice, I brought along some fabric to have a painting and printing experiment session or two outdoors….that will be my next post. 



Geese families:  Like it when they stay in the water, far from the beach! 

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  1. I enjoyed your post. I also transplanted some wild flowers from the waters edge to close to the house. Sometimes it works. It’s fun to try. I did it with some daisies a few weeks ago and they don’t miss their original home too much. I could and do spend hours just wandering around with my trowel. I like to transplant teeny trees and see what happens. Someday my grandchildren may see a forest!

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