Why not a list


Kelly often uses the list as a tool to make order out of the details in her brain…to much success and entertainment.   So here I go…..

-I apologize for being absent from the blob for so long. 

-Its spring, and I have been doing those springy kind of things…cleaning up the outdoor furniture:



9 window boxes, put new soil in all of them this year.    I try to do that every other year.  How about you,  do you start fresh or reuse the soil? 


I filled most of the window boxes with my most favorite, easy and dependable plant….red dragonwing begonias, and vinca vine….for hangy down interest.  They have already filled out quite a bit.

-The garden is lush with new growth, I can’t help but stare and take photos:





-Jackie is working on her new house, and Jeff and I are helping.  Jeff is replumbing (his favorite job, ha!).  And I am wielding a paint brush.  All her closets were hunter green, deep fuschia, or chartreuse.  Why would anyone paint a small closet these dark colors?  They are now white.  I don’t think they have been painted since the late 40’s. 

– You should see my sewing room.  Stacks of stuff, boxes, furniture piled in front of other furniture, all awaiting Jackie’s move.  No wonder I have not wanted to come in here and use the computer.

-I went to Home Depot with Jackie to help pick out wall colors.  They had a large display of “Favorite Colors of Empty Nesters”!  That would be us.  But no, I do not want any of those colors. 

-I do understand the feeling of wanting to feather the Empty Nest!  I have some plans to shuffle, and reorganize and tweak our living space. 

-Back to gardening:  After a failed attempt at a wisteria given to me by a friend, I purchased one.  It’s a native plant, an american wisteria, with slightly shorter blooms.  So excited to watch what it does.  Yes, I am easily entertained. 


-The requisite photos of the viburnum in its blooming splendor:



-We have the second robin nest of the season on the climbing hydragnea…there are three babies about ready to fly on their own.  I have enjoyed watching them.  But have no way of getting a good photo. 

-The Japanese peony had a record number of blooms this year…for the short week it bloomed, quite lovely:


-The spring peepers have come and gone in our pond.  But there was a new danger for them….waiting on the warm rocks.   This particular one was caught in the netting we use to hinder the heron.  Luckily, we rescued him and no others got tangled:


We have since come across a couple in the the plantings and grass.    I am have never seen them around before, and am glad they are there…but they can surprise me when I’m poking around pulling weeds!

Hope you have a great day….

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  1. Yes, Lis’ that’s a doublefile viburnum. I planted the wisteria on the south side of the house, on the pillar arbor that Jeff made.

  2. A true Kolar with the requisite snake picture!
    I’ve decided I NEED one of those viburnums… is it a doublefile?
    Where did you plant the wisteria?
    Everything is beautimous!

  3. Good to “hear” from you again — I was beginning to worry.
    We are busy packing, packing, packing. The movers come on Monday and we sign the papers that day. Hope to be on the road Tuesday.
    Your garden looks wonderful.

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