in early June.


That would be my niece’s baby bump…(used with permission!).

We had a baby shower for her a week ago..can you guess whether baby is boy or girl?


I especially enjoyed the occasion because many of my favorite peeps were there…

Grandmothers Babe and Patrice….



Most of the Baguettes….


All the Capri’s minus one were there:


And my mom and daughters and daughter in law and even grandson were there….no pictures, drats as Colton would say! 


I guess I was too busy in sharing the fun of seeing Erin start her new life as a mommy! 

5 responses »

  1. Looks like a very fun time. I was there in spirit.
    Also appears that the expected addition will be getting a fine start in life!

  2. Great pics Deb! I LOVE how Erin & Charlie’s families cross in so many different ways! Such a bonus!

  3. What fun. I am guessing it’s a girl. And you will be a wonderful Auntie!

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