Leaps of Faith


Have you ever had to do that?  Find courage and take a step into the unknown. 

Last week, a baby robin was hanging out in our yard.  I first saw him in the driveway, while backing the car out…luckily before it was too late.  He let me get daringly close before he hopped to the edge of the grass.  After returning, I took Marlo for a walk, and there it was again near the rose bush.  So of course when we finished walking I looked for the baby bird.  I couldn’t see him, but he was chirping at me from inside the rose bush.  I was relieved, that must have meant he could fly.  He hung around for the rest of the afternoon, and gave me a very nice photo op:


Little bird, I hope you found courage, and flew to safety. 

I met with my Baguette friends today, and Nan showed us this video of  wood ducklings and their ability to take risks…..

And my youngest fledgling is also flying out of the nest!  Jackie is getting her own home, near but not here.  Now all of our children have homes of their own.  We are officially, Empty Nesters.    Sigh…..yet another leap for this mother and father in so many ways. 

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  1. You are a brave Mama! That seems so hard to me.
    I hope my kids live as close as your Girls!
    Jackie’s new home is adorable, can’t wait to see how she feathers her nest!

  2. You will enjoy the life and spaces you will expand into. Children are like the little ducks, taking their leap of faith too! Hugs, Gail

  3. It will take a while for your wings to develop.
    In the meantime, perch on the thorny branches.

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