My favorite day this week….



Finding worms and slugs (but they always had to go back under the rock with their family)

Discovering the contents of his new “tool box”…Thank you “Grandma” Gail:


(Those pots behind him were just used in a game.)

We also went to the park, made cookies, read books, swept the driveway, danced, played hide and seek and hopscotch.  And that is only the organized activities.  Have you seen a three year old in action?  Everything is interesting, has a secret life story that only he knows, and can become a necessary item for the next adventure!  I think we all slept really really good that night!

He is at a very fun age! 

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  1. I remember the days when we kept our “surrogates’ for the weekend — we were exhausted!!
    But it was so much fun !!!

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