What’s the doings…catch up


Picking up glass nippers again….


And setting out to finish projects started last fall. Also fulfilling a promise of participation in a charity event:


Jeff convinced me to temporarily move “out of the closet”-mosaic closet that is. We set up a table on the porch, so I can work on some larger pieces (like the vintage window, below) that just would not fit in my little closet workspace.  It’s not feng shui (phooey), but it sure makes for a pleasant working environment.  Thank you Jeff for knowing me so well, and suggesting something that what would get me out of the slump I’ve probably been complaining about way too much. 



Tip of the iceberg of getting back to making stuff?  Hope so…..

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  1. I see your helper Missy Bibbs is ready to make art too. Think of the pause at a time of creative “incubation” rather than a slump.

  2. Oh Deb…I can’t believe you are thinking of yourself in a slump. You are always creating beautiful things…and bringing light into people’s lives.
    Your new space DOES look sunny!

  3. Was it really a “slump” ? You had other projects to take care of, but I’ll bet your creative mind was filing all sorts of things away for future use. And we’re all looking forward to viewing them as they emerge !

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