Mosaic class at Madonna…



Just the idea of little ol’ me teaching at a university, for whatever the reason,  makes me smile!  I finished up teaching a mosaic class last Saturday at Madonna University, through the continuing education department.  What a pleasure being in a spacious art room, banked with windows and inspiration everywhere.  And with plenty of space for everyone to stretch out, too:


We made crucifix’s…just in time to commemorate and contemplate the reason for the Easter season.   Thank you to Jeff for cutting out the wood bases for us.  The crosses below were photographed after the first class…they will sit and dry for a week.  


I asked everyone to pose with their crosses that first week:


Here, after grouting….you can see each and every crucifix is unique and beautiful! 


And I think everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing experience….including me!  I loved sharing my faith and the ways of mosaic with all of you. 

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  1. I concur, you are a wonderful teacher,! I have first, second and third hand experience!
    Those are beautimous crosses, very talented group!

  2. We all know you are a great teacher. Your enthusiasm for your arts is contagious — just look at how you got us relatives “playing with broken glass” !! Your students did you proud, Professor.

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