Painting day on the island….


On the last day were on North Captiva, Patrice arranged for Marie Dyer  to teach a class on furniture painting.  There were 4 of us, plus Marie.  Marie was a fantastic teach,  and a lot of fun….


IMG_4764Ann’s coral table, and Joan’s palm on the beach….IMG_4761

The start of Patrice’s high chair project…..




And I painted a small piece, for ease of transport, but it still took me alllll day!  A framed mirror:



Detail photo…can you see the birds????

I learned how to mix colors….at first I was quite stumped on how to get the color of sand from red, yellow and blue…and white.  But by applying the lessons of the color wheel I became more comfortable with mixing colors.  I also learned to appreciate the difference between drawing and painting.  My first attempt at the fish were from a drawing point of view.  I learned what it means to “be painterly”.  Also, Marie taught me about shading with paint, connecting lights and darks…light and shadow. 

Such fun, and I was happily surprised with my whimsical creation.

And afterwards,  of course, we had to have a little refreshment and lots of laughs to celebrate our accomplishments….



Good memories!

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  1. I love your mirror. So island-y and happy. I think we may need a 212 on Captive Island.

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