North Captiva snapshots2



We spent a good part of the day on the water yesterday.  We went to Sanibel  and had lunch at Grandma Dots.    Delicious shrimp and grouper!


Jeff and Charlie had some big fish on… 11 foot bull shark and a tarpon…..can’t prove it though….no photos.  They fought the shark for over two hours before it bit through the hook.   It dragged them a half mile into the Gulf.    Needless to say they are out there trying again right now.  

Patrice and I take a good walk every morning.  She knows so many of her neighbors.  I’ve gotten to tour many of the houses on the island. 


The Bougainvillea above is within my sight as I stand at the mosaic table…..


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  1. Once again, wish I was there. Those long beach walks are so wonderful. Sounds like “the boys” are having much fun with the fish.

  2. Well said Kat…..really enjoying the natural beauty here. Sweet balm for tired souls. CL: Really doesn’t feel quite right without you and C here. 8

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