Potent Quotes, 3-4-12


Some people are so boring that they make you waste an entire day in five minutes.  ~Jules Renard

At the risk of doing the above, I have a catch up list for you today.

-I’ve been doing boring but necessary things.  Let’s just say that to me they are not boring, but they certainly are not blob worthy.

-Over the past week, both my parents have been in the hospital…two separate hospitals.  They are doing better.  Mom is home now, dad is on the mend.

-To keep my sanity, I have been snatching episodes of Downton Abbey.  Such deliciousness.  I have not been hooked on a TV show in forever.  If you talk to me, you may notice my new found English accent and more proper countenance.  I’ve three more episodes to watch before I’m caught up…don’t bother me.  (Just kidding, of course, there’s always the pause button.)

-Last weekend (but it seems like weeks ago) I was at Kat’s on our annual winter getaway.  What fun I had with my girlfriends.

Kat, our gracious hostess with the “mostest” comfortable studio.  She’s making a football themed quilt for her grandson:


Nan working on a beautiful beaded box using stone beads:


I made this quilt for my favorite 3 year old.  Ran short of fabric so had to improvise a little.  Its not perfect, but I’m pretty sure he will be happy with it!


A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.  ~Robert Orben

And that is what Jeff and I are looking forward to this week….I’ll keep in touch!

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  1. Your plate has been really full with the parents — hope they are doing better and getting stronger every day. The vacation will be good for both you and Jeff — NO WORK, that’s an order!!

    Glad you are enjoying “Downton Abbey” — I’m anxious for season 3.

    The quilt is cute, not “scawy” at all.

  2. Give hugs and kisses to your vacation hosts!
    Enjoy your vacation, THOROUGHLY!!!!
    Love the quilt, precious as the little boy who will receive it!

  3. Have a well deserved vacation. Say hello to the sun and sand. Send photos.

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