A pleasant Sunday afternoon….


Spent with like-minded, impassioned people.  Those who love to work with color, fabric and stitches…

I worked with my Running with Scissors group, a day of picking Kat’s brain, and being inspired by her creative mind.  She has made a series of art quilts called “Secret Life Quilts”.  They ooze with the sensibilities, personality and humor of my friend, Kat.  I have a smile from the heart when I see these quilts.  I think the group felt the same and wanted to have a go at trying out Kat’s idea.  So we all made our own Secret Life quilt.

Many many piles of fabric, all willing to share what they had:


Took and Ruth working away:


Jane’s black cat quilt was my absolute favorite:


There’s Leann….undoubtedly cooking up some trouble….with Barb out of the photo, but you can see her shark jumping out of the water:


Well, maybe Johanna’s pipe smoking dog is my favorite:


And here is my lady, who has a hibiscus in her hair and is ready to fly away from snow, and winter, and ice for sandy beaches and palm trees…..


Thank you Kat, I have learned so much from you…today and every other day, you are a light!.  And RWS friends…you are all wonderful,  creative friends and inspirations!

You can see many of Kat’s Secret Life quilts on her blog, here.

3 responses »

  1. I wanted to wave right back at your Snowbird Lady — she looks most pleased to be heading for warmer places.

  2. What a super duper artsy bunch, all loverly!!!
    I’m so glad you have wonderful, inspiring, friends to spur you on. You’re not too shabby yourself!!

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