February 8, Doings….


Numbers and taxes are my game at the moment.   I’m letting the creative part of my brain work subconsciously for a while…have a little rest.  Percolate…that’s a good, descriptive word for the state of mind I’m in.  Ideas are generating under the surface, and every so often they erupt and engage me in thought, note taking, and even a little research.  Then back to work….but sooner or later the coffee will be ready and I can drink from my favorite cup!

Over the weekend we had a little party for Mom.  She was so happy to have all her peeps celebrating with her, and especially her two great-grandchildren.  One of her best gifts was news from my nephew, Ron and his wife Courtney.  They are expecting another baby in September.


I am also taking her to the Detroit Institute of Arts this weekend…her birthday celebration continues!  We will see “Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus”.    Then in March, we are taking a watercolor class together…yup, my 80-year-old momma and I.

Natalie will have a “brudder or sista”….in 7 months!


(Note to self:  Buy some birthday candles!)

Colton will have a new cousin!

Colton thought Marlo might have some hidden art talent, so we helped her paint…..one thing I do know:  Marlo is the Queen of Forbearance!


And I did make one “something” this week.  A shadowbox,  all jazzed up with my favorite photo of mom.  She loved it.


“Young at Heart”…that’s my mom’s spirit, even if the body sometimes doesn’t want to coöperate!


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  1. The giant candles in your Mom’s cake looked good — I thought “big candles for a big birthday”. Then I saw the cupcake and knew that something was missing from your shopping list!!! I’ll bet the little girl thought it was awesome, though.
    The shadowbox is wonderful.

  2. Taxes huh? Now why would you be doing so many taxes?
    Just think though, you’ll soon be in North Captiva!
    Your mom is gorgeous…she doesn’t look 80.

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