First Friday of February


I love the first Friday of every month in downtown Northville…the town is glowing and alive! Every gallery is open with many artists in attendance, with wine and appetizers at every stop too!  What a gorgeous, winter/spring evening!

The highlight of February’s  First Friday in Northville is the opening of the “6th Annual Members Show” at the Art House.



Joan is the manager of the Art House, and puts so much energy and passion into the House….but she and her crew pulled out all the stops with this wonderful exhibit.  I asked Joan where her art was…she sheepishly grinned and said “I took mine down to make room for everyone else”.  The Northville area’s filled with talented artists producing quality work.

My friends know that any photos I take will be blob fodder, so I’ve included some photos of their work…but you are just going to have to go see the rest of the show yourself!  Hurry…the last day is February 18.

Here’s Joan with Jeff in front of his art piece, Formation.


I love Janice’s collaged fiber pieces:



Peggy’s bold use of color is one of the elements I love about her paintings:


…along with a joie de vivre emanating from her work…


Leann  left before I could photograph her with her work…..she continues her assemblages inspired by voodoo culture.  I own several of Leann’s doll, and love her unique style:


Leann has started a new series about  music….


And I dressed to match my rooster…


Go check out the show….!

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