Words from a 3 year old who knows his own mind


After having fun grinding salt and pepper over his mashed potatoes:

“I don’t like those, they are too tasty!”

While giving me a tour of their soon to be home, and his mom calls him because its time to leave:

“Can’t you see were talking here!”

I’m reading him a dinosaur story book, and he sees one of those flying bird dinosaurs:

“That’s a pterodactyl, a flying reptile.”  

We are talking about dinosaurs, and I ask him if he would like me to make him a dinosaur quilt…

“Yes, and we can make a fort with it.  Let’s do it right now, can we use this chair, Grandma?”

After refusing to give his Aunt Steph a hug and kiss goodbye, I ask him why he won’t:

“Because I’m too dirty, I need a bath to get nice and shiny again.”

Going down the basement steps with a flashlight in his hand, and Marlo, our dog, is following him:

Don’t worry Marlo, I’m your protector, I have a light.”

Caught during a stream of talk, going from one subject to another without a pause:

“I want a baby, Grandma.  A real baby, not a fake one.”

After his dad warns him not to do something.  His mom had just explained to him, a day or two before, that dad isn’t yelling at him… he just has a big strong voice that can, evidently, be a little scary:

“Daddy, we’ve talked about your voice before!”

If he said this once, he has said it a hundred times:

“I can do it myself!”

While him and I are sitting on the floor, putting together a puzzle, he looks at me with a big smile and says:

“Grandma, this is so fun. I love doing puzzles with you.”

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  1. PRICELESS. Some of those sayings are sure to come part of YOUR vocabulary. There are things that our girls said or that our surrogate grandsons said that will never be forgotten, are frequently “quoted”, and always smiled about.

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