Alexandria, Virginia


Yes….still talking about our visit to Virginia at the end of December! 

One of my favorite places in Alexandria is the Torpedo Factory:


After we arrived, Kevin said he felt “duped” into going there….being a history buff, he expected an actual torpedo factory/museum.  But in the end, I think Kevin enjoyed this place.   Lisa and I didn’t purposely mislead the guys, honest.  But the Torpedo Factory is  an art community housed in an old torpedo factory.  Individual artists have studio space with huge windows that look out to the Potomac River, or into the heart of Alexandria.  The individual studio spaces are divided:  a work area and a gallery/display area…if an artist was working, his door was open…we could walk in,  view her work, engage in conversation, watch her process and purchase art directly from the artist.  IMG_0949

The interior of the building was filled with colorful bright murals…..


Artwork was everywhere…


That was a warning sign for these:


Photos of art and individual studios were prohibited, but visit their website, here.

Photo credits:  Kevin—thank you for being the official photographer in Alexandria, your photos are great! 

My next and last (I think) Virginia post is in the works….have a great weekend!   

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