Front Royal, VA…


One sunny afternoon, while in Virginia, we toured Front Royal…Cam and Lisa’s home town.


This quaint and quiet little town is teeming with history, particularly Civil War history.


And to walk through old town feels like stepping back in time  Front Royal had a ghostly, abandoned feeling… least these images were what I was attracted to.


Here is a little photo tour of one of my favorites places in Front Royal, an overgrown boxwood maze garden:













Did you see the beauty of the boxwoods…or did the scent of them send you running?  I am not particularly sensitive to their smell…but I know some(one) would be overcome (CK). 

Lisa has some great shots of the boxwood gardens and more, here.  

Thanks for going on our mini tour


Have a good Saturday! 

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  1. I don’t think that I know what boxwood smell like. But your pictures, and Lisa’s too, make me want to explore that place. I particularly love the photo of that cottage covered in vines.

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