What doings….


I’m working on a collaboration project for my group “Running with Scissors”,  a quilt to donate to a charity…Safe House.   In December, the call was put out for wonky striped 18 inch blocks in red and white, .  The response from our group members was instant…..here are the most of the blocks auditioned on the kitchen floor:


Today, Patrice came over and we worked on our plan….cut each of these large squares into 4 smaller ones and see if we have enough.  Here is the result….taaadaaaa…..


Much more interesting, wouldn’t you agree???  Patrice and I will add a few more blocks, grow it into a twin size.  We’ll definitely include a few more diagonal ones….we just love surprise and movement of the diagonal squares mixed in.  (My friend Kat claimed she didn’t read the directions and mistakenly made diagonally set squares…but I think it was instinct, she knew we needed these!) 

Here is something Jackie made for her friend Alicia, a birthday present….using some of my screen printed fabric, stencils and paint on a canvas……


And, ain’t that the truth! 

Next day or two…photos from Virginia. 

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