January business


The year ended with a glitch….computer problems. So I am posting from Jackie’s computer, which is great, but unfortunately all my photos are on said broken ‘puter. Trust me, its hard for me to post without sharing a photo or two or twenty!

Looking back, 2011 was a busy year, a productive year for making. I feel I put my abilities and talents to good use. I used my brain creatively. I met a major goal for the year 2011, specifically….quantity!. I set a goal of making 10 items a week, and I did just that! My final count is 530. That includes everything….brooches, mosaics,quilting, and everything else!  I put into practice….”worry about the quantity, let God see to the quality”…from Julia Cameron’s book The Artists Way.

In 2011, I found my groove, artistically. I’ve noticed a difference in my habits.  I take part in less over-thinking and pre-judging.   What a relief this is. I do the work and see what happens. Then the next “thing” takes off from the previous. Perhaps the biggest reason this has happened is the focus that required  by participating in a gallery/store and art exhibits. Commitments are good.  Setting a number goal to produce is good too.

So, what’s ahead for 2012.

-I will continue….participating in the local retail stores I have my things in:  Art Is In Market, and the Northville Art House…outlets for my efforts.  These  places keep me making things daily.   -I will continue to make brooches and mosaics.  Progressing, changing,  growing verses staying stagnant with the same styles and techniques.  But I will probably drop in the numbers….because of my next goal!

-I want to produce a body of work that I can put in a solo show in 2013.  I need to find a gallery and make the art this year.  Hopefully a chance to commit, and an idea for a subject and focus of the exhibit will come along early in the year.   I fear being considered an artistic dilettante,  mostly in my own mind.    I will need about 50 pieces…..one a week!  With this in mind, my number-of- pieces goal for the year will be 350.  8 pieces a week, with one or two of the items being mosaiced or stitched.

-I also want to find the balance…have time for relationships:  The Lord, my husband and  family, friends, accounting work,  blogging, the groups I belong to, home and garden, health, making a contribution to help others and the community.  All the artistic output in the world would not matter if these people and things were absent.

I know I have set my sights high!  But why not, better than aiming low.  After having a satisfying artistic year in 2011 I feel energized!  How about you, I’d love to read about your creative goals…..



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  1. Knowing you, I feel you will accomplish all you’ve set out to do…. but, I’m feeling tired just reading about it!!!! What’s the secret of all that energy?
    Hope you ‘puter gets back in gear.

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