Dec 23….


Perhaps a list is in order today…..

-I’m done working at the store for 4 days in a row.  Christmas is a crazy time in retail.  But I must say most of the store’s customers were in good spirits and patient.  And I enjoyed  talking to the customers and hearing all the positive comments about our store….Art Is In Market.  So many said simply, but truthfully….”I LOVE THIS STORE”.   

-All of the customers were so happy to be buying art from local peoples, and supporting our local economy.  This trend is more than a fad.   A growing societal conscience, a new loyalty to each other.  Prices were value oriented, but surely not as “cheap” as products from China.  This year, I noticed that price did not matter quite so  much. 


-I have a cold….occupational hazard, didn’t use enough hand sanitizer! 

-Today is a catch up day….last minute wrapping, grocery shopping,  and cooking.  Today I’d love to get some cards out….they will be late, but at least they will arrive to wish some greetings. 

-As a gift to myself, I managed to finish up some pieces of art to hang in our home.  They are a result from a class I took with my friend, and gifted artist and screen printing diva—Lynn Krawczyk, Fibra artysta.  


I took the class back in October, it was all about collage, paint and screen printing.  So much fun!  And to come away with several pieces that I like is a testament to an excellent teacher and a benefit of being prepared for the class with the right “stuff” to use as a focal point. 



IMG_0847Have a good Eve of Christmas Eve….

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  1. Ooohhh, LOVE the art!
    I also love your thoughts about people buying local instead of imported.I really think people would do it if the goods could be found. A very good way to consume less and focus on what we really want, not just the glut of “made in China”

  2. The collage is beautiful. I want to put my hands on top and see if they fit!!
    Hope you get through the cold quickly and don’t have to sniffle through Christmas.
    Wishing you and the whole family a wonderful holiday weekend.

  3. Hooray for the handmade movement! 🙂 And I whole heartedly recommend Zicam. I’ve been taking the chewables for a few days (they aren’t the most pleasant thing in the world) and they REALLY work. Give ’em a shot if you’re worried about getting really sick.

    The collages look fantastic!! You are so talented Deb – love all of your work! 🙂

    Happy Holidays to you and your’s!

  4. Retail at Christmas, makes for a different outlook on the Holiday!! Glad it did not turn to a bad taste in your mouth! How nice to work where the work is appreciated!!! Hope the cold passes quickly and you can enjoy the holiday with your wonderful family.l Love the collages!! Merry Christmas!! Gail

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