First Snow


…of the season.

Soft, silent, peaceful in the early morning light.

IMG_0775 Brisk, crackly and cold, too.  I don’t think Marlo ventured off the deck……she has kidneys of iron and delicate feet that hate the cold.   She wasn’t out long, see that look she’s giving me….


I appreciated being inside, looking out, this morning.

IMG_0770  By midafternoon, the dusting was gone.  Just a little taste of what’s to come!

I’ve new things to show you….have to take photos on a nice sunny day,   Could be a while!

4 responses »

  1. Lovely to look at….somewhere else. LOL. We are still snow-free and don’t miss it at all. The lake started to “skin over” a bit this morning.

  2. I have snow envy!! It’s cold here — currently 18 degrees — but no precipitation. I need a bit of the white stuff to real get into the holiday spirit. (I notice it is snowing on the blob). The skiers in this area are bereft!!

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