Trimming the Tree


I wish I would have shown you my garbage bag full of wool scraps.   I had pounds and pounds of little bits and pieces that I just couldn’t throw out.   Actually, three years of accumulation from making wool flowers.   Well, the bag is gone, used up!  

I punched hundreds of circles, in several sizes and dozens of colors.  Next, I sewed them together on the machine and ended up with about 150 feet of garland for the Christmas tree.  

On Saturday, Mr. C came over and helped us decorate the tree.  He was so much fun, with that super curious mind.  He was right there eager to open each and every box and help hang ornaments.  He kept repeating my words like a mantra:  “find an empty branch” while looking for a spot to hang whatever he had in his hand.   And he did pretty good! 

IMG_3756Here is Jackie and Colton hanging the wool garland:

IMG_0728And here is the tree, all prettified.  I’m quite happy with its multicolor, candy land look.  (Think I need a evening photo to show it at its best.)

IMG_0737   The tree is new this year (I’ve had a 4 foot tabletop tree for many years, but now that we have no grand piano in the living room there is acres of room for a larger tree.)    Kelly and I were shopping at our favorite thrift store, “Value World”…or as Kelly calls it:  The Valuable World, or simply the World.   And I spotted this tree, standing out in a large grouping of Christmas trees.  It looked like  a good quality one, for a total of…$29!   It isn’t one of those fancy prewired trees….I had to go buy lights.   And, guess what….the lights cost more than the tree….$36!   But, added together, I still scored a good deal. 

This is the earliest I’ve put my tree up, I do believe.  I am hostess of a party here next weekend and wanted our home to be all festive.  Its really nice to get this early start, I might have started a new tradition here of putting the tree up on Thanksgiving weekend.

When does your tree go up? 

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  1. I can’t wait to see the tree. Ours goes up late, just a week or two before Christmas, when we get a minute, and doesn’t get decorated until after Christmas, comes down after New Year’s day. That’s what 25 years in retail has done.

  2. I put the first tree up mid-November. Yes…first. I’m like the Christmas Lady and would have them up year-round if it was socially acceptable! Beautiful tree! Would love to see it all lit up!

  3. How beautiful, I can’t wait to see!
    My tree goes up late, a week before Christmas, and doesn’t get decorated until after Christmas, at our party. We haven’t put up lights yet, but as soon as we get a minute….

  4. It looks BEAUTIMOUS! Love the garland too!

    I try and get decorated on Thanksgiving weekend when I have some help available. I put it up early because I yank it all down IMMEDIATELY after Christmas. I am always ready to go back to all the non holiday clutter.

  5. Love what you did with the felt scraps. That is a happy, happy tree that you & Colton decorated.

    Our tree goes up around the middle of December because its a fresh-cut tree. We already have it. Its in the stand outside on our deck & we will keep it watered though eventually we will have a hard freeze. Bill has the outdoor lights up and I hung a wreath just before Thanksgiving. I will put up the roping and dig out the Santa collection sometime after the 6th.

    But I am in the spirit. I have started my baking! I love the way the house smells when I am baking bread!

  6. Our tree (when we have one) usually goes up about 2 weeks before Christmas. But, then, it’s usually a real tree. I have a small, artificial one which will probably go up this week. I have ALREADY put up decorations on the mantle in the family room and around the living room. And the outdoor lights are up. We are not grinches!!

    All the decorating, baking, presents, etc. are so much more special when there are children involved. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Colton — they bring back some pretty special memories.

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