Prep Day


This year, for some reason, I am not joyfully anticipating Thanksgiving.  Haven’t figured it out because I have so much to be thankful for! Maybe preparing all the traditional dishes will get me in the spirit! 


I’ve got the shopping done, and have the menu set to go:

IMG_0721 And am in full swing of a busy day in the kitchen:

IMG_0715  There are going to be 7 of us, with Amber and TJ and Colton here for a visit before dinner.  I’m used to 15, 17, maybe 20 for dinner!   I miss all my peoples!  My kids are all at the in laws (Jackie and Kevin will be here for dinner, thank goodness!)  Jeff’s family is scattered about,  and I miss my MIL…who is gone almost a year now!  I am thankful that my mom and dad will be here.   But its just not the same as it used to be.  Is this the new normal?  Thanks for listening to my pity party…..onward now…time to bake a cake.     And maybe its time for us to make some new Thanksgiving traditions to bring joy and meaning to this holiday.   

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  1. By now you are probably in turkey melt-down- overstuffed and ready for a nap!! I know you will have had a good day!! Having family around is great, knowing some are enjoying their new families is good too. Just the three of us managed to put a huge dent into the piles of goodies. Blessings for you all. Gail

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Had a little meltdown this morning… trying to snap out of it since we have company.
    Love and miss you all and the old style, crazy family dinners. All things must change I guess.

  3. Thinking of you and your dear family today, EEEk has been on my mind as well. Praying your day is wonderful in its own small way.
    Your menu sounds DA-licious! Hugs.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Aunt Deb! I know one new tradition we will be starting this Thanksgiving- having every one sign the bottom of our dining room table! Thanks for the idea 🙂

  5. Our families are growing and shrinking at the same time. This is a year of reflection. Another year will be a whirl of activity and confusion.

  6. The “empty nest” does mean you have to move on to different traditions. Take it from some folks who have always been far away from the rest of the family units! Sometimes there have just been 2 of us!
    Luckily — no, THANKFULLY — we have our “surrogate family”. We are joining them and another family for a big gathering, 27 people, I think. It ought to be fun. The only downside is no leftovers — which, to me, are the best part. Guess I’ll have to do a turkey midway between T-day and Christmas just so we can enjoy the turkey sandwiches, soup, ala king, etc., etc.
    Hope your day is full of fun. Our love to all.

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