Finishing-Potent Quotes 11-6-11


It is easy to have a lot of paintings or projects hanging around that are ‘almost done.’ (Thomas Kinkade)

Well, shoot!  Isn’t that quite the revelation.   I’m sure not a one of us has this problem.   

This photo was taken in early July.  The mosaic was done,I just needed to do something with that WIDE, WHITE frame.

IMG_1871 Well, today I finished!  Take a look:


IMG_0638Jeff cut down that white framing on the mosaic and added some beautiful molding…..which I then painted.     I am not a painter, but I did it! 


I am so happy to call this piece “finished”!  Now, I think I will just go look at it again!

The minute you finish a piece, get rid of it! If it’s bad, it’ll drag you down, if it’s good, you’ll just sit there looking at it.    (Author unknown)  

….(I don’t know if this piece is good or not, but I sure am happy with it right now from where I am in my mosaic adventure!)

He needs a name.   Jackie suggested “Mr. Kowalski”.   Ideas????

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  1. The frame turned out beautifully. Is there no end to your talents?!?!?!?!
    I think you already named him. Read your text: “finished”. call him “Finn” for short!

  2. He turned out MOST handsome!! Love the frame too, I have some of those, unpainted, in the laundry room.
    I thought he already had an “H” name. Henry, Hector, Harrold, Horatio? Hmm, maybe I dreamed it.
    Love everything about his fowl self!

  3. Oh it’s good… VERY good! I really love his neck feathers.
    But he definitly does NOT look like a Polish chicken.

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