What I’ve been doing….


Let me show you  a mosaic I’ve just completed:IMG_0621 This end table must have a dozen different types of glass and tiles in it along with mirror, which at the moment is reflecting the branches of the maple above it. 

IMG_0618  The photo above shows the reflection of the blue grey sky.  As well as the leaf pattern in the large mirror pieces. 

IMG_0622 I’ve been a little under the weather.  Which is pretty hard, because its been gorgeous outdoors.   On Sunday, I ended up in Urgent Care….kidney infection.  Let me say, OUCH!  You don’t ever want to get one of those.  But, oh the miracle of antibiotics……feeling better already.   

Here is another little mosaic I’ve finished:

IMG_0613I would say that these two mosaics sum up my current fascinations with subject matter.  The pieced squares-of-all-sizes, patchwork style of the table.  A game of  balance and repetition.   And secondly, the flower collage.   I think of these as a birds eye views of a flower garden.  I enjoy each of these approaches and look forward to further exploring these themes…..all that’s needed is just a couple hours added to the day and reserved just for mosaics.  I don’t ask for much, do I.   

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  1. Hated to hear you were “infected”. Thank goodness for those meds.
    I just love how the table turned out — it will be wonderful outdoors where it can reflect whatever it is near. Is it yours to keep or a “for sale” item?

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling poorly. Glad to know you’re on the mend!
    Love the way the mirror reflects the sky! As always, the flowers are my favorite.
    I’m reorganizing my studio preparing for a winter of production!

  3. Love both pieces!! Happy you are feeling better!! Nothing worse…not a good time to be ill. Gail

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