Potent Quotable, 10-16-11


Unrelated to this post, but aren’t my mums so lovely: 


Do not be surprised when those who ignore the rules of grammar also ignore the law.  After all, the law is just so much grammar.  ~Robert Brault

So, if I say “Ain’t no good”….I have a tendency to A).  Roll through stop signs?  B).  Not pay my taxes?  C).  Rob a bank?     Well, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. 

But this brings me to another subject that has been on my mind lately:  PUNCTUATION. 

I get much flack from a certain daughter about my use of the ……..

I use these ………  for several purposes, which I shall list below:

1.  As a rest, a place for the reader to take a breath. 

2.  As a way to change topics.   Some people might decide to start a new paragraph.  I simply use the ……..

3.  This leads me to using the ……… as a way to bleep out expletives.   I keep the expletives out of my conversation, usually, but occasionally I need a way to censor.

4.  As a way to say,   etc, etc, etc.   

5.  As a way to state “I am trailing off into blathering on and on”, so to avoid this I insert a few ……..  yadda, yadda, yadda’s   …..

Well, I am afraid that using this somewhat unique type of punctuation is hopelessly imbedded in my writing style.  I guess, if it bothers you so…..hehe….you’ll have to learn to overlook it, or just stop reading.   (But please, really, don’t go!)

I’ll try to be more judicious in my usage of the …….but in the meantime, enjoy:  

Susan’s thoughts on our overuse of the !!!!!!!

And  don’t miss this entertaining post about the misspelling of common words.  (alot  vs.  a lot….I’m convicted on this misspelling and the use of …..yet again!!!!!)



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  1. WTF…OMG…URNIdiot…(Okay, I made that one up). Whatever gets you through (thru) the day. I do hate misspellings, though. But soon they won’t teach spelling, like the elimination of handwriting class. We R on R own.

  2. I’m with you … and Margie…. I NEED the …
    If people can abbreviate everything these days… WTF… OMG… TTFN…
    I’m gonna use the …!!!…
    … so there! 😛

  3. …..I personally can not do without….. Sometimes just a few….sometimes a big flurry…………….can not be without them…. Love them….

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