Karaoke anyone?


After touring Grand Rapids for the day, Jeff, Patrice and I visited his brother, Jim.   How long has he lived there….5 years????  This was the first time we have visited him!     We walked the paths that wander through his acreage….hills, huge rocks, golden autumn leaves….really lovely!   But no photos to prove it! 

Jimbo was a great host, and had a selection of wine for Patrice and I…

IMG_3362 Later, we met up with Ben and Joanie……(Jim’s son and DIL)


at a local karaoke bar to watch Joanie do her thing…. sing….


She is awesome!  Its really unbelievable that she just started singing about a year ago.  Joanie said at first she got very nervous, but each time she’s up there, it gets easier.  Well she sure did make it look easy, and sound great.  Joanie, we loved you and your performance! 

Yesterday, my quote was ….

”…You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the
way down.”

Joanie has done just that. 

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