Boathouse Studio Mosaics and U.P. North


September is a quiet time up north, compared to the joyful chaos of the summertime.  I spent most of my time in the Boathouse Studio….glorious! Here’s a glimpse of the results…..IMG_0480

All need grout and finishing, of course. 

My SIL Lauren also spent productive time in ‘da Boathouse:

IMG_3247 Unfinished starfish,



Hummingbird with  nasturtiums….Gorgeous!  Lauren keeps saying she has no artistic vision, I think she just needs new glasses! 

We, (okay…mostly Jeff, but I helped)  also finished the floor in the garage apartment:

IMG_3243We watched some beautiful sunrises:

IMG_3229  Sailed under and around the Mighty Mac:




Visited Mackinaw Island:




Couldn’t have asked for a nicer weekend! 

5 responses »

  1. LOVE, love, L.O.V.E. them all!!!!
    Yes, Laurie’s glasses are wonky, she has the mosaic talent gene!
    The garage apartment looks all beautimous and “Patt-i-fied!

  2. A wonderful weekend indeed!
    I love your flower mosaic and Laurie’s hummingbird mirror is stunning!

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