So fine….


Jeff’’s brother, John, is nicknamed “Uncle Grump”.   If you know him you would have to agree, he can come across to be  just that….grumpy!    But grumpy in a very lovable way, actually because John’s big ol’  heart is made of gold.    This is all just a little background information that I thought you should know…. but really I just want to show you the beautiiieeeeffffuuulll console he made for Jeff and I.   Over the past few months I have watched it progress, as he worked on it…and  now it has arrived in all its lovely craftman-style finely-finished splendor!  Have a look…..

at the beautiful grain (those white lines are called “rays”):


  The wood is a  fallen limb from  a  300 year old oak tree.  That limb was 90 feet long, and 24 inches in diameter!    Hard to appreciate the size, but here is a section of that limb:  CaptureSo after removing the branch, letting it dry out, slicing it into lumber…the wood was finally ready to be made into something:


  This door panel  is cut from the “crotch wood”  ( Hello creepy searches.)   The intersection of two branches….the grain gets all crazy.  Do you see the tiger face?IMG_0445 The finish is ultra smooth,  the doors and drawers work effortlessly.  A fine piece of craftsmanship….


This is one possession that will be treasured for a lifetime….

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  1. BEAUTIMOUS!!!!!! What a treasure.
    It sort of reminds me of our Nichols and Stone.
    I see the tiger face!
    Uncle Grump is always sweet to me!

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