Mosaic quilts?



Its been quite a while since I’ve sat at the sewing machine….several weeks anyways.    I missed you Janome!    I blogged about using the scraps from Steph’s quilt back in February.    Today’s project was finishing up piecing all the scrappy bits together.   I am quite happy with these two cloths, even though I don’t know what will become of them.  At the least they will be table runners, and if I’m ambitious maybe I will use them as bases for further ideas.   My first inclination is to keep it simple and make them into decorative runners…or simple wall hangings.  Much going on with them already!  But no decisions yet, letting some ideas percolate for a while. 

If you want inspiration for this type of piecing, I highly recommend Gwen Marston’s Liberated Quilting books.   Her techniques work equally well with fabric or glass! 

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