In the many years we’ve lived here, we have never seen deer in our front or back yard.  That has all changed! 

Marlo was alarmed the other morning,  barking up a storm.  I looked out the door and in my backyard was a big beautiful doe and a young’un.   Wish I could have gotten a photo.  She was lovely.    But I discovered later  that she had jumped over the fence protecting my vegetable garden and ate the top off all my tomato plants!   Goodbye vegetable garden, I think I will disassemble it this fall.  If anyone has any garden fresh tomatoes going begging, we are in need! 

And here are the triplets that have made themselves very comfortable living at our end of the block. 

triplet fawns

A few days ago, I was riding my bike and one of the triplet’s crossed in front of me….maybe 10 feet away.  I stopped and watched the inner turmoil  in the other two fawn’s eyes as they stood at the  side of the road thinking….”do I cross…no better not, that’s a human….but my sib crossed and I must follow, I MUST follow….okay, I’m going for it”.  And run across the road  they did, right in front of me…..I would have measured the distance between us in inches, not feet.    I am lucky the newspaper didn’t have headlines something to the effect of:  Deer Collides with Bicyclist.   It was that close. 

We just returned form the UP and did not see a single deer while there….

We enjoy seeing them here at home in our yard. but its a worry some situation too.  Why are they suddenly coming into the residential areas?   Are they just enjoying the lush plantings, or are they being squeezed out of their habitat. Whatever they reason, they seem to be adapting and thriving in suburbia.  

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  1. We’ve had a lot of deer on our property too this year. Its been very unusualy, they drive Dooley insane. They’re brave too, come right up to the fence line of the patio to eat our hostas down to a nub. (The doe loved the flowers on the hostas, she nibbled all those up right away.) I wonder too where they are coming from…

  2. This was the first year we ever saw a deer in the field behind us. Unfortunately, Abby and I saw it on the side of Beck Road the next morning. SO sad.

  3. Two days ago I had a spotted fawn run right in front of my car in the driveway. Luckily I was going very slow but geez it was close. They are so lovely.

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