Da Mama’s Party


Jeff’s mom did not want a formal funeral, she wanted us to have a party for her at the cottage.  And so we did.  Her cousin came from Wisconsin, Jeff’s cousins made a special trip up just for the occasion too.  Along with some of her best friends and neighbors from the beach….Dan and  Char, the Allen family, and Cres.  I know she would have been very pleased with her party!



After dinner we assembled around the bonfire.  We told stories…everyone had something to say.  And  I think all of us shed a few tears, and realized just how much we miss her. 


Life will never be the same without her strong character as an anchor, and her loving heart and caring presence  in our lives.   But she taught us well.  


Quite a few family members are missing from this toast to d’mama on her birthday.  

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  1. Just the way she wanted it… loved every smile and every tear from every person.
    And ditto the thanks to all of the work to prepare for it all.
    I love my family!

  2. And what a send-off it was- a big “Thank You” to everyone involved from planning- to prepping the beach- cooking -to cleaning or just showing up — We did Da-Mama proud–

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