Early August in the U.P.


We arrived up north to hot muggy days and nights.  But a little breeze kept the bugs away and allowed us to enjoy the beach…

IMG_1942 IMG_1965 IMG_0337

IMG_0301 IMG_0340 IMG_0349  IMG_2346

and enjoy the deck….

IMG_1971 At one point there were 29 of us, immediate family,  having dinner together.  Plus 9 dogs.

 IMG_1962 IMG_1963 My Grandpuppies….Keiko and Kira. 

The kitchen was a busy place.  But somehow it all worked out just fine.  Everybody pitched in.   Although I must say that Patrice was the glue that held everything together in as much of an order as you can have with so many people! 

IMG_0193 IMG_2096 The Sangria makers and tasters. 


We all found a bed in either the Kolar cabin, the Gardner cabin…or the new apartment above the garage:

IMG_1828(One of two bedrooms finished….new floor and new paint!)

Some brought tents….big and little ones coexisted happily as neighbors. 


At the end of the day, I don’t think any of us had a problem sleeping!

IMG_2125Next post:  The Party

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