One mailbox done!

Today, I broke my own rule of grouting outside only.  Despite my good intentions, it was just too darn hot!  So we covered the floor and table with newspapers, and got to work in the dining room.

Almost a year in the making….not bad since we took a long hiatus during the winter, and have worked on it only a few times this spring and summer….

This is Patrice’s mailbox…her first mosaic ever.  Nothing like jumping right in! 


IMG_0074She had a confident relaxed style of working at what seemed like acres of open space on that mailbox….

IMG_0073 The back was first, and this is mostly scraps from my “bits box”. 

She used keys, letter beads, a few special ceramic pieces…


Grouting was quite the messy adventure, and Patrice still had alot of polishing to do on her own.  But I would be quite happy to have this as my own mailbox, Patrice….gorgeous, unique, full of bling…happy!  I love it. 


Okay, who’s the next one to tackle a mailbox.  Feel free to ask questions.   And I will let you know how the mosaic does through the cold and icy winter. 


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