For Change….


I had a need for a little purse that was just big enough. 

Big enough for my phone, a little cash and a credit card, and my keys. 

Yet small enough to fit into my larger purse that carries all the other stuff….notebook, kleenex, coupons, etc, etc….

I also figured a wrist strap would give me the “"hands free” option when shopping, and a secure closure was a necessity…..

So with the rules set, I got to work using some of my most favorite fabrics, Marcia Derses’  line of hand-dye look alikes.  Here is my first attempt:


Like the result, but I was not quite happy with the shape and construction. 

Second go, this one out of a favorite batik:


This one has an improved shape, but not quite happy with the topstitching in the lining.  The zipper installation technique needed tweaking….

Third try:

IMG_0070 Now I’m pretty happy with the result.  On the inside, no raw edges show, and the zipper is stitched invisibly.   This wrist strap is just a tad wider than the first ones.  I still need an improvement in  the zipper installation so it will slide effortlessly and look beautifully finished….but I have a dozen more cut out ready to construct.  Practice makes perfect.

I enjoyed making each one unique with decorative elements…these with vintage buttons and contrasting linings.   I can see myself adding quilting,  decorative stitches, and maybe piecing several outer fabrics together…we’ll see where the process take me. 

Haven’t made purses in a long time….kinda  fun!  Do you like them?  Any suggestions are appreciated!


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  1. Good question Laurie… can’t say yet, haven’t made enough of them. But I will make sure one has your name on it!

  2. So how much will you charge for these little beauties? I’ll even take one of the imperfect, trial and error versions. So cute and practical, too.

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