Heat Wave….


s They are predicting weather in the high 90’s this week, steadily progressing higher and higher. 

Looks like I’ll get plenty of work done indoors without the guilt of thinking I should be outside working or just enjoying this precious summer season.  

I found a shady spot over the weekend and grouted a few mosaics…..

IMG_0049 I like the citrusy color scheme of this picture frame. 


Then, in contrast, a warm neutral color palette for this frame:


And a sunflower, this piece is small, 6.5 x 6.5:

IMG_0047 I’m also working on my mailbox….much work to do yet because I keep ripping tiles off and starting over…..l


My friend/neighbor Patrice and I have decided that we will make custom mailboxes on a commission basis.  We just need $3000 for each mailbox and a year to complete it!  (…you know I’m kidding).  

My own mailbox could very well take two years to complete.  

We are going to grout Patrice’s mailbox later this week….can’t wait to show it to you!!

And in the mean time, Capri Patrice finished her current project…a gift for a friend….CP has a tidy precise style that I really admire:


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  1. Love the frames — especially the earthy one! Patt’s crab is so cute…Amy will be pleased.

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