A Father and a Marine…


Today we celebrated the life of Lisa’s father-in-law, and laid him to rest….

He passed away on July 1 at the age of 91.   He was a marine,  a WWII veteran. We heard so many stories today about him.  We laughed and we cried.  I learned that by the grace of God he survived the battle fronts of the war to live a good long life.  

“Once a Marine, always a Marine”  And the marines honored him today beautifully. ….IMG_1857 

Today I also learned what Semper Fi means….Always Faithful.  Mr Hodge was just that.  Always Faithful to God,  his country, to his wife and family,  his community.    But what I personally remember about him is his big booming voice full of fun and good natured teasing…and his stories, so many good funny stories.   There were so many people there today, he was loved not only by his family, but by so many….friends, neighbors, his town.  They were all there. 



Rest in Peace, Mr.  Hodge.   Thank you for your service.  You will be missed.



Kelly wrote about him today, too.  Thoughtful and true words. 

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  1. We had never been to a military funeral before, it was very moving. I loved hearing the stories about him, especially from his brother and nephew. I too thank him for his service. Semper Fi, Mr. Hodge.

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